Welcome to the Almighty Active Reset 2024.


Refresh and revitalise with the Almighty Active Reset.

Free and open to everyone, the Active Reset is an opportunity for people, no matter their fitness levels, to move their bodies, try something new and get into some good habits for the year ahead, from the comfort of their home. Each day of the Almighty Active Reset will see a fresh online tutorial go live, from yoga to running, HIIT workouts to meditation, nutritious recipes and more.

A seven-day digital Reset program put together with the help of seven amazing fitness and wellbeing partners.  

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Today's Reset Partner,


Mode is your new home of essential wellbeing. Combining world class group training classes with state of art recovery facilities, Mode welcomes you to move, sweat, sauna, ice bath and relax.
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About Mode.

Mode Studio is Auckland’s newest fitness & wellbeing concept, launching in Ponsonby on
April 2nd 2024.

Combining world class group training, fully private personal training and luxury contrast suites, Mode caters to all of their member’s wellbeing needs in one (beautifully designed & purpose built) space. Mode is founded by Samantha Bluemel, a personal trainer looking for a more balanced approach to her lifestyle:

“Creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about working out regularly and eating well. It’s also essential to look after the mind-body connection through practices that nourish the central nervous system. After a prolonged period of chronic stress I came to realise that I had been neglecting that aspect of my personal wellbeing; that my love for exercise wasn’t quite enough. Creating Mode was my way of bringing those two principles together in one place. Mode offers challenging, effective workouts alongside premium contrast therapy services.
Housed in our luxury restore suites, contrast therapy is the perfect way to de-stress, and
recover the mind and body.”


Day 1, Sala.
Mellow Flow Yoga
Sala is more than just sweating. It was born from our desire to create impactful experiences, integrated living and community. We believe working out should never feel like a chore, that's why we host over 85 classes a week, in 12 different disciplines.


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Day 2, FAT - Fitness All Together.
20min Hiit Class
FAT is a full service outdoor group fitness community created to bring like minded individuals together to achieve their goals.
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Day 3, Soul Boul.
Smoothie bowl recipe.
Soul Boul is a place for wholesome & nutritious meals as well as health & wellness. Delicious, fresh & healthy food to keep you feeling refreshed and refuelled.


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Day 4, NBHD - Neighbourhood Track club.

Running tips.

Neighbourhood is a platform for runners of all different levels. We aim to connect our community through running, music and culture. Running can be fun. Kyal and Conor from NBHD want to share some tips to keep you going.
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Day 5, REMiND.
Tools for a mindful life. REMiND has a simple meditation practice to help you focus and be present.


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Day 6, The Hiit Squad.


The HIIT Squad is and always will be about the people. Building better humans. It is the kind of place you want to sweat in, with a community you want to be a part of. 

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Day 7, Mode
Mode is a hub for wellbeing. With world class group training to state of art recovery facilities. Encouraging you to move, sweat, sauna and relax.


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Our Reset Partners.


OUTDOOR MOVEMENT COMMUNITY - It's good to come together.

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A place for everyone to enjoy delicious eats & coffee. 

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It’s not just running. We come together in pursuit of balance, community and culture.
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Tools for a mindful life.

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Building better humans.

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Essential wellbeing studio.

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